Kim's Story

This is our Kimmy...

She has the brightest smile, the greatest sense of humor and the most lovable personality of anyone you will ever meet. When she walks into a room, people stop because of her beauty both inside and out. She is strong, kind and simply amazing. She is the kind of person who touches your life in a way that will forever change you…and she is gone.

Leukemia took her away from our family on January 15, 2009 at only 26 years old. She fought Hodgkin’s lymphoma for 2 years first before contracting leukemia in July, 2008, two weeks before her wedding. Kim fought a tough battle but she fought with grace, courage and the kind of strength most of us will never even begin to understand.

The Kimberly
Walton Foundation

Even as Kim was battling her own disease, she wanted to help others. She always thought for the other people suffering and how she could brighten their day. The Kimberly Walton Foundation was started in honor of Kim and her genuine desire to help others. As Kim’s family, through The Kimberly Walton Foundation, we hope to be able to reach out and help those suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma and/or leukemia. If you or someone you love is suffering from these diseases, please contact us so we may help you, the way Kim wanted to.

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